When you are in need of electrical repairs and upgrades, you want more than to just find someone who can do the job fast. You want a business that can do the job right, the first time, every time. Here at Weidner Electric and More, we pride ourselves on providing quality work you can count on, on a schedule that suits your needs, at a price you can afford.

Whether you are in need of a simple overhead light installation or an entire home rewire, we have the skilled electricians available to get the job done right, right when you need us.

Electrical Repairs and Installations
New Appliance Installation

Whether it is the additional of a single switch or the complete wiring of a new building, we are here to provide the services you need.  Tell us your plans and we can get it done.

Often, there is more to setting up a new large appliance than just plugging it in, especially if you are adding a dishwasher or indoor laundry for the first time.  We have the skills and knowledge to make sure everything is connected right, letting you enjoy your new investment sooner.

Integrated Smoke Alarm Installations
Lighting and Ceiling Fan Installation

Make sure you never have to worry about the chirp of a dying smoke detector battery.  We can install detectors that tie directly into your electrical system eliminating the need for wasteful batteries.

If you are looking to change a light fixture, or add an entirely new one, proper installation is key.  Why risk doing the job yourself when you can call a professional.  We can make sure your new fixture is installed properly and safely.

Backup Generator Installations
Code Violation Repairs

Whether you live inside the city limits or out in the country, a backup generator ensures you will have the power you need, when you need it.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, we can make sure that any sub-par work is corrected before the property changes hands.  Don’t let a simple code violation hold you back.