Exterior Renovations

There is more to your outdoor living space than just lighting.  We are proud to offer services to help make your outdoor spaces the best that they can be.

Whether you want to upgrade your home or business’s curb appeal with new siding, create a deck or patio perfect for entertaining, or install the hot tub you’ve had your eye on, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Outdoor Lighting
Siding and Gutter Installation

Why fight with flammable torches or frustrating string lights when you can have a more permanent solution?  Not only can outdoor lighting make your property feel safer, it can also help turn it into livable space that you can enjoy day or night.

Poor water management and damaged siding can wreak havoc on your home.  Take the time to make sure that your gutters and siding are doing their job.  Not only can new siding and gutter help keep your home dry and free of water damage, new systems can also be installed to redirect rain water to your yard and plants, saving you even more.

Custom Aluminum Awning
Custom Decks and Patios

Prefab awning solutions are limited.  Why try and force your home to work with a purchased awning when you can have one custom designed.  Not only is it designed specifically for you, it is built to last.

You want your property to shine.  Whether you are looking for a private retreat or a flexible outdoor entertaining space, a new deck or patio can create the outdoor living space that works best for you.  Let us help bring out the best in your outdoor spaces with custom designed decks and patios.

Walkways, Pavers and Retaining Walls
Hot Tub Electrical

Help keep your landscaping in pristine condition through the use of masonry walkways and pavers to direct foot traffic through the space.  Retaining walls can provide support, allowing for a multilevel landscape design.

Setting up a hot tub requires more than just water.  In order to get full use of all of the features, you will need dedicated electrical designed with safety in mind.  We can make sure everything is connected properly so you can start enjoying your new purchase today.